Storm Damage Repair Services in Wake Forest, NC

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When tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, lightning or wind, cause storm damage, don’t delay! Act quickly and contact the experts at Restoration Disaster Cleanup. Our storm damage repair services in Wake Forest will prevent further damage to your property.

For 24 hour storm damage repair services in Wake Forest, NC, trust Restoration Disaster Cleanup. Our professional and well-trained staff can handle water damage from any source, including storm damage, flooding and basement water damage repair, sewer backup cleaning, mold remediation and testing, and any other emergency water damage you experience. 

Because we are the choice for any type of water damage situation, we understand how to handle water damage from storms. Storm water contains harmful material that is dangerous to humans and property alike. Restoration Disaster Cleanup has the tools for the job, including powerful cleaners that will protect life, health, and materials used in construction from premature decay. Timing is critical when water enters from storms, so contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup as soon as possible for storm damage repair services. This will minimize the cleanup, repair, and restoration process so you can get back to life as normal quickly. Call us or contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup online without delay!

storm damage repair services Wake Forest basement water damage repair

Basement Water Damage Repair & Storm Damage Repair Services in Wake Forest, NC

Whether you need home, office, or  basement water damage repair, the storm damage repair services from Restoration Disaster Cleanup will return your space to its pre loss condition. We begin by locating the initial cause of water damage to your property. Tarps, boards, and barriers are used to prevent water from continuing to enter or spreading to areas not yet affected. Industrial dehumidifiers, fans, and other machines are used to remove water and return humidity to normal. Damaged materials and personal items are removed, and hospital grade chemical cleaning agents are removed

Once all water is removed and the area is cleaned, detailed repairs begin. Drywall, insulation, moulding, and other construction materials are replaced, as is broken glass, damaged siding, carpet, flooring, and other features. No matter where damage has occurred, Restoration Disaster Cleanup will complete thorough residential, commercial, or basement water damage repair. Furniture, clothing, documents, and other belongings that were removed are dried and cleaned. Restoration Disaster Cleanup is the name to trust for the complete restoration of your space after storm damage. When you contact us for storm damage repair services in Wake Forest, we even handling insurance filing and claims for you, all part of our customer satisfaction guarantee!

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