Chapel Hill, NC Storm Damage Remediation & Storm Damage Repair Services

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Restoration Disaster Cleanup is on call 24 hours a day for storm damage remediation and storm damage repair services in Chapel Hill, NC. When hail, wind, or rain cause flooding or leaks in your home or business, our rapid response team is there to repair and restore. We handle water damage repairs of any kind and will return the inside or outside of your property to its pre-loss condition.

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When you contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup for Chapel Hill, NC storm damage repair services, we arrive quickly and set about cleaning up and repairing the cause of your water damage. This involves not just removing standing water, but sanitizing and thoroughly cleaning the areas involved, making repairs, and restoring your property to the condition it was in.

Contrary to what many believe, rain and flood water contain numerous impurities. Bacteria and contaminants in these fluids can wreak havoc on property and health. The longer these contaminants are permitted to be in your house or commercial property, the greater the risk to building materials and the future health of people and pets as mold may develop. Restoration Disaster Cleanup is a full service water damage company in Chapel Hill, NC. We handle storm damage remediation, flooding cleanup and repair sewer backup cleaning, mold remediation, and any other type of water damage. This means we have the tools and knowledge to protect family and coworkers’ health when performing any water damage services.

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Storm Damage Remediation Chapel Hill, NC Storm Damage Repair Services

Chapel Hill, NC Storm Damage Remediation From RDC

Restoration Disaster Cleanup is the name to trust for storm damage remediation in Chapel Hill, NC. When you contact us anytime of the day or night, you will speak directly with a water damage expert. This allows us to deploy the proper personnel and tools for the job. The first step in any storm damage remediation is to locate the source of water coming in and make repairs. Whether damage has occurred to the roof, seeped in to the ceiling, damaged siding, or flooded the basement or other areas, we can help. Once initial repairs are made, RDC will remove any standing water, return humidity levels to normal, clean and sanitize, and then move on to other repairs.

Storm Damage Repair Services From Restoration Disaster Cleanup

Cleanup and water removal is just the first step in a storm damage event. Restoration Disaster Cleanup is the expert water damage company in Chapel Hill, NC for handling storm damage repair services. We use moisture meters to determine where water has gone within your structure, and repair or replace drywall, moulding, insulation, and other building materials that have been damaged. We can also repair windows, shingles, siding, and other external features that may have been damaged. No matter the storm damage remediation and storm damage repair services you need in Chapel Hill, NC, Restoration Disaster Cleanup can handle the job.

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