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When violent storms cause damage to your residence or place of business in Garner, contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup. Our storm damage cleanup company offers the storm damage services you need to return your space to its pre-loss condition!

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Have powerful storms caused flooding, wind damage, plumbing issues, or other water damage to your property in Garner? Restoration Disaster Cleanup is here to provide the storm damage services you need. Our storm damage cleanup company is always available, and will get to your home or business quickly to cleanup, repair, and restore damage caused by storms.

Our storm damage services are not just limited to water removal. We can remove tree limbs, board and replace windows, provide tarps for holes in your roof, and perform any other repairs you might need. We are also the storm damage cleanup company in Garner that understands the nature of working with water damage from storms. Since we are a full service water damage company, we can contain and eliminate harmful pollutants contained in water from storms. Trust Restoration Disaster Cleanup to handle all your water damage, sewer backup, mold damage, flooding repair, and storm damage services in Garner, NC and the surrounding areas!

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Storm Damage Services From Restoration Disaster Cleanup

The first step in storm damage services from RDC is to locate and repair the point of water entry. Oftentimes this involves boarding a window or placing a tarp. In other cases the source is more difficult to locate. Our storm damage cleanup company will then utilize moisture meters and other technology to track the flow of water and make repairs. Once the immediate cause of water damage is remedied, we remove standing water, normalize humidity, and thoroughly clean the area with hospital grade chemicals.

Once cleanup and initial repairs are made, storm damage repairs begin in earnest. Anything damaged inside or out of your home or business is repaired. From broken windows to damaged siding, out storm damage cleanup company has the know how to make all needed repairs. More than just structural repairs are involved in our storm damage services. We will restore personal property affected as well. Clothing, toys, documents, and furniture are moved off site for restoration. Items that cannot be replaced are documented, and then our storm damage cleanup company will file directly with your insurance so you can replace them. Call or contact our storm damage cleanup company in Garner, NC to receive the most comprehensive storm damage services available!

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