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When storms cause residential, commercial, or basement water damage, trust the professional water damage company, Water Damage Restoration Group. We are always available in Holly Springs for storm damage repair.

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Water Damage Restoration Group are always on call for residential, commercial storm damage cleanup in Holly Springs, NC. Our storm damage repair services are aimed at the complete restoration of any areas of your property that were damage by a storm. This means more than just water removal, it means comprehensive mitigation and storm damage restoration work. When storms strike, you need a company that can handle emergency storm damage restoration in Holly Springs, you need Water Damage Restoration Group.

Our are IICRC certified and fully capable of handling any emergency storm damage repair situation. Whether the storm carried wind, hail, or lightning damage, and caused home, office, or basement water damage, we have the tools and know-how to handle the job. we are the water damage company in Holly Springs NC capable of handling water disasters from any source. Give us a call or contact us online to handle water damage, sewage backup cleanup, mold damage, flooding, and emergency storm damage repair in Holly Springs, NC.

emergency storm damage repair Holly Springs Storm damage cleanup

Storm Water Damage Repair & Storm Cleanup Holly Springs NC

The first thing we do, when you contact Water Damage Restoration Group, is to stop more water damage from happening to your home. Broken windows, holes in siding and damaged roofs all allow water to come in your home, so these must be repaired so that no additional water can enter your property. Standing water is then removed and dehumidifiers as well as industrial strength fans are placed in your home to bring moisture levels within acceptable ranges. Once your home is dry, we will clean and sanitize any areas that were touched by water. This is especially important in structures with basements, as basement water damage can quickly lead to flooding and mold growth. Once all of the water and moisture are removed from your home, we move onto the storm damage repairs in Holly Springs.

Emergency Storm Damage Repairs in Holly Springs

Water damage cleanup from storms is but the first part of the process, but the technicians with Water Damage Restoration Group don’t stop there. Once everything is dry, we provide our storm damage repair services. Windows are replaced, shingles and roofing are repaired, tiles and flooring are restored, and any other building material affected receives proper attention. Once we’ve repaired all of the damaged items and structures our team will begin to repaint and restore your home to it’s pre-storm condition. After you are happy with the state of the restoration job, we will send a bill directly to your homeowners insurance company, provided the loss is covered, so you have one less thing to worry about. If you need non-emergency or emergency storm damage cleanup & repair in Holly Springs, contact Water Damage Restoration Group, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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