Storm Damage Restoration Service in Wendell, NC

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North Carolina storms can cause sever damage to homes and business in Wendell, NC. If you have experienced a water damaged ceiling, window, roof, wall, or other damage, contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup for storm damage restoration service. We are always on call to handle all of your storm and water damage needs in Wendell.

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By contacting Restoration Disaster Cleanup for storm damage restoration service in Wendell, NC, you are trusting a fully licensed and insured company to make all needed cleanup and repairs. Our team can handle storm damage to any area of your home after a storm including water damaged ceilings, walls, roofing, windows, flooring, basements, and other areas of your home or business. We guarantee all of the work we perform and will handling insurance claims and filing for you. 

Restoration Disaster Cleanup is the name to trust for all of your water damage needs in Wendell and beyond. We are a full service water damage company, capable of handling sewer water damage, mold treatment and remediation, basement flooding, storm damage restoration service, and any other water damage need. Call us anytime night or day, or contact us online for all of your storm and water damage needs.

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storm damage restoration service Wendell water damaged ceiling

Storm Damage Restoration Service in Wendell, NC

Calling Restoration Disaster Cleanup as soon as possible after storm damage occurs is the surest way to minimize further damage. Rain and flood water contain harmful materials including bacteria, fungi, and algae that cause damage to building materials the longer they are allowed to remain. One of our dedicated service members will arrive at the site of your storm damage in about an hour and immediately set to work cleaning up and removing any standing water.

Let RDC Handle Your Water Damaged Ceiling, Window, Roofing, & Wall Repair

Water removal is just the first step of storm damage restoration service from Restoration Disaster Cleanup. We handle repairs and restoration to all areas of your house or commercial property as the contents therein. If you have a water damaged ceiling, wall, roof, floor, or basement, we have the tools for the job. We can also work on exterior damage to siding, gutters, and other areas, as well as restore furniture, documents, and other personal items. Whatever storm damage restoration service you need in Wendell, NC, let the team at Restoration Disaster Cleanup handle the task.

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Restoration Disaster Cleanup Handles Water Damage From Storms in Wendell & Other Nearby Vicinities of North Carolina, Including:


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