Structural Drying Services

RDC takes the science of drying (psychometry) very seriously. Our certified staff are experienced and trained on how to efficiently and effectively dry any type of structure.

It takes precision and proper equipment to ensure that the entire structure is dry and all steps we have taken are well documented to eliminate the possibility of concerns in the future.

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A crucial aspect to the drying of any structure is finding moisture that may be difficult to locate. RDC has sophisticated tools used to locate and track moisture that may not be visible to the naked eye or felt by touch.

Many factors are involved. RDC takes into account the structure itself, building materials, seasons, and indoor conditions when formulating a plan to begin the drying process. Once the plan has been put into motion you can rest assured that all moisture will be removed from the structure and the rebuilding can begin.

This specialized process means complete satisfaction by our clients and their insurance carrier.

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