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If you experience a disaster or storm damage caused by tornado, hurricane, hail, lightning or wind, acting quickly and appropriately is vital. Wind damage can range from minor to severe and can occur at any time of the year from many different kinds of storms. In severe cases, it is vital to call Restoration Disaster Cleanup immediately to prevent further structural damage. Our storm damage restoration company is on call night and day for all your cleanup needs and storm damage repairs.

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North Carolina weather is unpredictable at best. Damaging winds, floods, lightning, hail, and other storm damage can all wreak havoc on homes and businesses in Fuquay-Varina. Restoration Disaster Cleanup is the storm damage restoration company you can count on 24/7 to handle storm damage repairs. We arrive quickly, remove standing water, clean the area thoroughly, repair damage, and completely restore your property.

Rain and flood water contain many harmful contaminants. Bacteria, algae, and other substances are dangerous to health and degrade building materials. When you experience water damage from storms, contact a storm damage restoration company that is capable of handling these dangerous impurities. Restoration Disaster Cleanup is a full service water damage company in Fuquay-Varina, capable of handling flood damage, sewer damage, mold damage, and other forms of emergency water damage. When you contact us for storm damage repairs, you can be assured we will perform the job properly, protecting property and health alike.

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storm damage restoration company Fuquay-Varina storm damage repairs

Storm Damage Cleanup & Storm Damage Repairs in Fuquay-Varina, NC

The moment you call Restoration Disaster Cleanup for storm damage in Fuquay-Varina, we are on the job. You speak directly with a water and storm damage expert who will take necessary information to expedite cleanup and storm damage repairs for your home or business. Someone with our storm damage restoration company will arrive quickly, eliminate the source of water damage, quarantine non-affected areas, and begin the cleanup process. High powered fans and dehumidifiers are deployed to remove moisture from the air, and hospital grade sanitizers, cleaners, and mold prevention chemicals are used.

Storm damage repairs will then be performed on any affected areas. From broken windows and holes in your roof to drywall and paint damage, Restoration Disaster Cleanup will make certain that your residential or commercial space is returned to pre-loss condition. Any personal items, including photographs, documents, and furniture, are moved off-site for restoration or disposal. Those items that can’t be saved are documented for replacement by your insurance company, who we work with directly. Our storm damage restoration company is dedicated in making your life whole again when disaster strikes in Fuquay-Varina, NC!

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