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If you experience a disaster or storm damage caused by tornado, hurricane, hail, lightning or wind, acting quickly and appropriately is vital. Wind damage can range from minor to severe and can occur at any time of the year from many different kinds of storms. In severe cases, it is vital to call Restoration Disaster Cleanup immediately to prevent further structural damage. Our Apex, NC storm damage repairs and storm damage cleanup services will provide complete restoration for your home or place of business!.

Restoration Disaster Cleanup is always available for storm damage cleanup and storm damage repairs in Apex NC. While many argue that rain is one of the most purified waters attainable if collected the right way, in reality, rainwater comes into contact with various impurities on its way down from the atmosphere. Additional contaminants are collected when rain comes into contact with roofs, siding, and other materials, all before it makes its way inside as a result of storm damage. Restoration Disaster Cleanup has the storm damage services you need to properly clean, sanitize, repair, and restore your house or place of business.

Timing is crucial in any storm damage cleanup project. The longer water damage is allowed to seep in and soak your residence or commercial property, the more extensive storm damage repairs required.When you contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup, a certified water damage expert will take your call and be on site in about an hour. When you suffer wind damage, lightning damage or damage from fallen trees, Restoration Disaster Cleanup will be there fast to help cleanup and repair your damaged property. Whether you have damage from fallen trees, wind, or lightning, we can provide tarps, window boarding, and have the proper tools necessary to remove water, make repairs, and fully restore your home or business in Apex NC.

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Storm Damage Cleanup & Storm Damage Repairs From Restoration Disaster Cleanup

Because we are a full service water damage restoration company, Restoration Disaster Cleanup can handle any complications from storm damage, including sewer backups and flooding. Our goal for every job is to return your space to pre-loss condition. We will make the necessary storm damage repairs to make it look like nothing ever happened, both inside and out. From drywall and trim to siding and flooring, Restoration Disaster Cleanup will make sure all needed storm damage repairs are done properly and look good.

Items within your home or business are also part of the storm damage cleanup and restoration process. At Restoration Disaster Cleanup, we strive to salvage items whenever possible, and can often restore many items. When that just isn’t possible, working with your insurance company is just another part of the Restoration Disaster Cleanup commitment to customer satisfaction. Our storm damage technicians are always sure to properly document everything in a storm damage restoration, ensuring your insurance carrier will honor your claim. Contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup without delay if you require storm damage cleanup and storm damage repairs, as well as sewer backup, flood damage, mold growth, and other water damage restoration in Apex. Call anytime or contact us online now!

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