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If your home experiences a sewage backup, don’t try to cleanup the mess yourself. Raw sewage is dangerous and our sewage cleanup experts in Apex have the tools and know how to handle any sewer backup cleanup and completely restore your home. We are always available for sewer and water damage emergencies in Apex!

Raw sewage is arguably the worst blood-borne pathogen containing substance on the face of Earth. A number of  pathogens exist in raw sewage. and because it can contain viruses and bacteria, it should be handled by trained professionals.  If you come into contact with the wrong pathogens contained in sewage water, it can be hazardous to your health. That’s why it is very important to call professionals that can track every bit of the sewage backup travel throughout the home and sanitize it correctly.

The sewage backup cleanup team with Water Damage Restoration Group offer prompt, reliable sewer water cleanup services Apex, NC . We make sure to completely dry and sanitize the area affected, remove damaged contents, and provide the needed documentation for your insurance company. Contact Water Damage Restoration Group Apex for sewage backup cleanup in Apex NC, 24 hours a day.

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Our team of sewage backup cleanup experts in Apex will arrive on-site quickly to provide a containment zone until the sewage cleanup is complete, protecting spread of toxins and raw sewage to the unaffected areas of your home. We will then professionally clean and sanitize the area providing complete sewage backup cleanup. Next, we move on to the sewage damage repair and reconstruction phase. Unlike other forms of water damage services we provide, most items and surfaces that sewer water has touched will need to be discarded. Finally, our team will even directly bill your insurance company for your loss.

Once damaged items and materials are removed, we sanitize with strong hospital grade biocides as well as use fans and dehumidifiers to fully ensure the area is dry. The restoration phase can then begin, and things like drywall, trim, underlayment, carpet, carpet pad, hardwoods, and the like are replaced. The Water Dmage Pros can handle all of your sewage backup cleanup and sewer water damage cleanup needs in Apex, NC, as well as any other water damage restoration services, including storm damage repair, flood cleanup, and mold remediation. Call now or contact us online for more information!

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