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Sewage damage can cause a nightmare for you and your family, they are hard to clean up and can make your home environment hazardous. Sewers can back up due to a number of other reasons. At Water Damage Restoration Group we provide the very best sewer water damage repair in Wake Forest. Our goal is to respond quickly to prevent as much as damage as we can. We will mitigate the water damage, dry the affected areas, then test to make sure they are completely dry before our sewage damage cleanup in Wake Forest.

We will come to your home in Wake Forest, find the source of the sewage backup, fix the issue, and make sure to properly handle and dispose of any raw sewage that has damaged your home.  Our team will always try our best to salvage any furniture or personal items that may have been damaged by the sewage backup, however, anything affected by the hazardous sewer water that can’t be salvaged will be safely disposed of. We provide our sewage backup cleanup & sewage backup repair services 24 hours a day in Wake Forest. 

Once we finish the sewer damage restoration our next step is to begin sewer water damage repairs. Our team of experts will assess any damage that has been caused. At We have a skilled crew of tradesmen that provide timely, efficient repairs. Our goal is to repair damage and make sure that your home is restored to it’s original condition, before the sewage backup occurred. 

Sewage Cleanup In Wake Forest NC

Sewer Damage Restoration Services & Sewage Backup Cleanup Wake Forest NC

No matter how bad the damage from your sewer backup, call the experts at The Water Dmage Pros. We provide 24 hour sewer damage restoration in Wake Forest. Our team always arrives promptly and have plenty of experience with sewer backups. Not only will we mitigate the sewage damage, but we also make provide repairs caused by the sewage backup.

After all the damaged items and materials are removed, our team will sanitize the affected areas with hospital grade chemical. We will follow this by using fans and dehumidifiers to make sure the area is dry. Once we double check the affected areas with our moisture readings we will deodorize your home to get rid of any foul smells associated with raw sewage. The Damage Pros provide the best sewage backup cleanup in Wake Forest. Our team of experts are also available 24/7 to handle any other water damage restoration services, including storm damage repair, basement flood cleanup, and mold remediation. Call now or contact us online for more information!

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