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Whether you need office, home, or basement water damage repair in Wake Forest, NC, Our team is ready to assist and our water damage restoration services are available 24 hours a day. We guarantee to restore your space to the condition it was in prior to water damage. Give us a call anytime!

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Have Water Damage in Wake Forest NC? We Offer 24/7 Water Damage Restoration & Water Damage Cleanup in Wake Forest.

Call The Water Damage Pros anytime for Wake Forest, NC water damage restoration. As soon as you contact us a  certified water damage specialist will take answer and begin to gather information about the severity of the water damage Wake Forest. This is because different water damage scenarios require different tools and solutions, and we want to arrive prepared for your specific situation. Whatever the cause of your water damage, The Water Damage Pros can handle it all. We specialize in water damage resulting from storms, flooding, sewage, and we can even provide mold remediation (if any mold has grown.

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If Your Water Damage in Wake Forest Is Covered, We Directly Bill Your Insurance

Your business or homeowner’s insurance is in place to protect you financially in the event of catastrophic issues such as water damage. But how do you go about filing a claim? The professional staff at The Water Damage Pros will handle the insurance for you for you directly. We are careful to document and file claims properly with your insurance company to make sure you are compensated for your loss.

Water Damage Cleanup Wake Forest NC

When your home or business in Wake Forest, NC experiences flooding, sewer backups, or storm damage, the first step is the eliminate the source of water coming in. The Water Damage Pros use advanced technology to track the flow of water and determine the source. By arriving quickly, locating, and repairing the source, we minimize the damage to make the repair and restoration phase go more smoothly. Once repair of the initial source of water is made, we clean and sanitize the area and track the path of water damage to determine where other repairs need to be made.

Residential & Commercial Water Damage Repair in Wake Forest

By tracking the path of the water damage, we can determine what areas exactly have been affected. We then remove and dispose of damaged building materials, including drywall, carpeting, molding, and trim. Just as with the initial cleanup phase, we carefully clean and sanitize affected areas. Water damage repair can then begin. Our specialists make sure to repair or replace all damaged building materials. Personal property that has been damaged is also removed, and either restored or documented for replacement by your insurance carrier. When you contact our team for water damage restoration services in wake forest, we see to it that your property is returned to it’s pre-loss condition.

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