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If you have experienced flooding anywhere in your home or business, contact the Durham, NC flood damage clean up and flooded basement repair experts at Water Damage Restoration Group. Our services do more than just remove standing water. We completely restore spaces that have suffered flood damage. If you have experienced flooding in Durham, don’t delay, contact Water Damage Restoration Group as soon as possible!

24/7 Flood Cleanup in Durham NC

Water Damage Restoration Group are your full service flood damage clean up and flooded basement repair company in Durham, NC. With state of the art technology and the highest level of professional staff, our services are guaranteed to provide thorough remediation of any water damage event you experience, including flooding. When you choose our team to handle your flood event, you are hiring the company that:

  • Provides 24/ 7/365 Service From Expert Certified Technicians
  • Will Arrive Quickly to Assess & Begin Repairs, Minimizing Damage
  • Is Experienced Handling Billing Directly With Insurance Companies
  • Offers The Most Comprehensive Water Damage & Flood Remediation Services Available!
  • Will Get Your Home Back To Normal As Quickly As Possible
Durham, NC flood damage clean up Durham, NC flooded basement repair

Flood Restoration & Basement Flood Cleanup Durham NC

Water Damage Restoration Group provide complete flood restoration, flood damage repair and basement flood cleanup in Durham, NC. Our knowledge of water damage emergencies is invaluable in ensuring the safety of your family or co-workers. Since we also offer sewer backup cleaning and repair and storm damage repair and restoration services, if either of these is the cause of your flooding, we are able to sanitize and clean the area unlike some other companies. If needed, mold remediation is also performed to make certain your property is mold free. Whatever has caused flooding of your property and wherever it may be, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to thoroughly remove water, clean and sanitize, make repairs, and restore.

We also have vast experience handling repairs needed after flood damage. Be they cosmetic or structural, we can make repairs to ceilings, floors, drywall, sub flooring, foundation, or anything else. Our restoration services also extend to your personal belongings and property within. Restoration Disaster Cleanup provides professional document drying and restoration, and will work to restore other items as well or see that they are replaced by working directly with your insurance company. When a flood strikes, call us or contact us online now and let us handle your Durham, NC flood damage clean up, flooded basement repair, or other water damage event. 

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