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When time counts, count on Restoration Disaster Cleanup. We offer 24 hour water damage remediation service. Our water damage repair team can handle all of your emergency water damage needs in Creedmoor and nearby areas.

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24/7 Water Damage Restoration Service

Water damage emergencies can occur anytime of day or night. Restoration Disaster Cleanup is your source for emergency water damage repair in Creedmoor, NC anytime of the day or night. We handle all types of water damage restoration service, including storm damage cleanup, flood repair, sewer backup cleanup, and mold damage repair. For all of your water damage remediation needs in Creedmoor and beyond, contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup 24 hours a day.

water damage repair Creedmoor, NC water damage restoration service

RDC Will Bill Your Insurance Directly

Stress levels are already high when a water damage event occurs. Who wants to deal with insurance carriers? The Restoration Disaster Cleanup team understands that you have enough going on when water damage occurs, so we handle insurance questions and documentation for you. Our years of experience give us the edge in understanding what your carrier needs, and we are sure to file properly and in a timely manner to make certain you are covered.

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Water Damage Repair & Water Damage Restoration Service From RDC

When you contact Restoration Disaster Cleanup in Creedmoor, NC, you will be speaking directly with a water damage expert. Our team member will ask important information about the specifics of your water damage event, allowing us to arrive with the proper tools. We start by locating the source and path of water damage by using moisture meters. Once the source is located, we make repairs to eliminate the flow of water damage into your home or business.

Having mapped the flow of water, RDC will then set about repairing the areas affected. We remove drywall, insulation, and any other materials to get at the water, and employ powerful dehumidifiers and water movers. The next step is to thoroughly sanitize and clean the area. After this, water damage repair begins in earnest. Restoration Disaster Cleanup will repair or replace any damaged building materials, including paint, trim, drywall, and flooring. Our water damage restoration service can also return many damaged personal items to their original condition, including furniture, documents, and clothing.  Any items that can’t be restored are accurately documented and reported to your insurance company for replacement. Complete restoration to pre-loss condition is the goal of every water damage restoration service provided by Restoration Disaster Cleanup in Creedmoor, NC and nearby cities.

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