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Getting the area dry after a water damage event is crucial. That’s why Restoration DIsaster Cleanup is on call 24 hours a day. Our water damage cleanup experts understand that the longer standing water remains, the greater the chance of mold growth or rot development. More than just a water removal service, Restoration Disaster Cleanup is your full water damage restoration service in Apex, NC!

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Restoration Disaster Cleanup Is On Call 24/7

Restoration Disaster Cleanup is always available for water damage cleanup and water damage restoration in Apex, NC. Whether your home or business has sustained water damage and requires water removal from a water line break, backed up sewer, storms, floods, or anything else, we can help. From roof leaks to drywall, mold, rot and everything in between, Restoration Disaster Cleanup will return your structure to its original condition.

Restoration Disaster Cleanup Will Handle Your Billing Directly With Insurance

The professional, well trained technicians and estimators at RDC are familiar with insurance company procedures and can help you in every aspect of the tedious claim process from filing to payment. We understand the documentation process required and will file quickly and correctly. We take pride in getting our clients every penny they deserve and not a penny less.

Water Damage Cleanup in Apex

Nothing is more upsetting than seeing your home or office flooded with water damage. Restoration Disaster Cleanup is well equipped with the latest technology for water damage cleanup. By using moisture meters, we are able to determine the source and flow of the water, allowing us to eliminate the source of the water damage as well as areas potentially damaged for later repair. We then use an array of equipment to remove water, including high powered air movers that excite water molecules out of material and into a gas state and industrial dehumidifiers, designed exactly for water disasters.

Water Damage Restoration in Apex

Once standing water has been removed, Restoration Disaster Cleanup will properly mitigate the damages and quickly bring your home or business back to it’s normal pre-loss condition. Having already tracked the path of the water, we prep for demolition. We remove any soaked or unsalvageable materials such as drywall, insulation, trim, flooring, and other materials. Our goal for every water damage restoration project is to make it look like nothing ever happened. Repairs often include patching or installing drywall, new trim, baseboard, crown, shoe moulding, chair rail, painting, various flooring, refinishing surfaces such as hardwoods, and installing new insulation.

Restoration Disaster Cleanup is Available 24/7 in Apex, NC! Call 919-302-2729 Now!

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